Finest Hour Experiences - Terms & Conditions

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1. Redeeming Your Voucher
Please telephone Finest Hour on 07415 735683 to book your flight. We strongly suggest that you book to fly as early as possible during ‘the season’ (May - October) to provide the maximum opportunity for rescheduling in the event of bad weather etc. Please be ready to quote your Voucher Number and your height & weight during this call as the latter may impact on our planning of the flying programme for the day. We’ll also need a mobile telephone number and / or an e-mail address to inform you of any changes beyond our control on the day. Once your flight has been booked, we need at least 14 days’ notice of a change. Within 14 days, any change will attract a £50 administration charge. Vouchers are transferable; whoever presents the voucher on the booked day will be entitled to fly.

2. Voucher Validity and Returns
Vouchers are valid for 12 months. Vouchers are non-refundable unless returned within 14 days of purchase, in which case a £50 administrative charge will apply. If Finest Hour cancels your booked flight due to factors beyond our control (for example, weather, aircraft unserviceability or airfield unavailability), please re-book within 21 days of the original booking. If you re-book and the unpredictable British weather causes your voucher to approach the 12 month point, we'll simply extent the validity to make sure you can fly.

3. Height / Weight / Medical Restrictions
Min Ht: 4' 11"
Max Ht 6' 7"
Max wt 18 Stones / 115 kg

Flyers must be physically capable of embarking and disembarking from the aeroplane unaided. If you are in any doubt as to your medical fitness to fly, please consult your GP. The disabled should consult . The final decision on the day rests with your Finest Hour pilot.

4. Timing
Please plan to arrive at the airfield 30 minutes before your flight time to allow us adequate time to process your voucher and provide a thorough briefing.

5. Dress
Please wear flat, comfortable closed shoes (no sandals) with comfortable casual clothes. Ladies should not wear skirts or dresses. The Tiger Moth is an open-cockpit aeroplane, so we suggest 2 layers of upper clothing, including a jacket, even during the Summer months; on cooler days, you might consider gloves. Finest Hour will provide a flying helmet and goggles. Aerobatic flights in the CAP10 can become very hot on sunny days, so light shirts are ideal. We cannot allow loose articles in the cockpit as they represent a risk to Flight Safety. Before embarking, our staff will ask you to remove coins, keys and any jewellery likely to become loose.

6. Friends & Family
You may bring as many friends and family as you wish to accompany you to the airfield; indeed, the more the merrier as simply being around our classic aeroplanes can make for a very pleasant family day out. However, airfields present a number of unique and unfamiliar hazards, not least of which are rotating propellors. Therefore, only one of your friends / family should plan to accompany you to the aeroplane to take photographs of you strapping in etc. We expect all guests to comply with instructions given by Finest Hour’s staff with regard to on-airfield behaviour as we seek to minimise risks to all concerned. For this reason, we recommend that you do not bring young or difficult to control children to the airfield. There is little to occupy them at the airfield and the distraction caused by preventing them from wandering into harm’s way would constitute an unacceptable risk to safety. Our flights take place in the local area, rather than over the airfield, so your guests will be able to observe you take off and land but will not be able to see the remainder of the flight from the airfield.

7. Duration
The flight times quoted are ‘chock to chock’ and include taxi time in accordance with normal aviation practice. At both Bicester and Kemble, we operate from very close to the landing area, so the time spent taxiing is minimal. Some operators consume up to 10 minutes of each experience on taxiing; Finest Hour will allow a maximum of 5 minutes, thus maximizing your airborne time and the value of your experience. Your flight experience could overrun the allotted time due to a number of reasons, including weather or traffic at the airfield. Our prime concern is safety and any such unplanned extension to your flight would attract no additional charge. Equally, if you ask to return before the end of your allotted time, such a curtailment would not attract a refund.

8. Weather
Both vintage and aerobatic flying are very weather-dependant activities. Our highly-experienced pilots will make the best decision they can as to the weather’s suitability and legality for the intended flight based on the weather information available. By 7pm on the evening before a flight, we should have a very good idea of the probability that flying will occur the following day; only if the weather forecast is very poor will we cancel at that stage. The pilot will make a final decision at 9 am on the Day. Please assume your flight is going ahead unless you hear from us to the contrary.  Please do not make your own weather decision; our pilots have the expertise to make the best decision for everyone. That said, weather forecasting is an inexact science and the unexpected can occur. We will do our best to ensure you do not have a wasted journey, so please let us know if your planned journey is long; if so, we will try to programme your flight towards the middle of the day, if that suits you. However, we accept no liability for any costs incurred (e.g. transport, accommodation) when we have to cancel flying.