Finest Hour’s professional and highly-experienced instructors have a wealth of experience teaching at both the ab-initio and advanced levels.  By special request, we can design a bespoke syllabus to meet your training needs, be this for basic flying training, a biennial instructional flight under EASA Part FCL, tailwheel differences training, formation flying or our speciality, taking a previously non-aerobatic pilot and coaching to the level required for the issue of an aerobatic Display Authorization.

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Please contact us to discuss your specific training needs; our suggestion for the mix of aircraft types to be used (ours and / or yours!) will depend on your individual goals.  For example, in recent years we have employed both the CAP10 and customer-owned radial-engined aircraft as lead-in aerobatic trainers for warbird display flying, while a recent tailwheel differences course employed both the Tiger Moth and the CAP10 due to our assessment of the best way to bridge the gap between the individual’s previous flying experience and intended future adventures.

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“made my aviation career far better”  Peter Teichman, Hangar 11 Collection


“… Tiger Moth and CAP10B… perfect and complementary balance of tailwheel training”  Group Captain Mark Manwaring, RAF Flight of the Navigator Project

"Thanks again for last Wednesday, it was brilliant"  Ethan, RAF trainee pilot for vintage aircraft familiarization training

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 “…immediately impressed with the depth of the briefing and the wisdom imparted… if I had to sum up my experience in one word?  Quality.”  Dennis Baldry, biennial instructional flight

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