Finest Hour is pleased to offer the CAP10, Chipmunk and Tiger Moths for displays at the venue of your choice!

From the largest international air show to the most intimate private event, our carefully-designed solo aerobatic display, enhanced by airshow smoke, both entertains and shows off the classic lines of our CAP10 aerobatic aeroplane. From the pilot’s selection of ‘smoke on’, the display lasts exactly 5 minutes and includes, amongst other things, the following manoeuvres:

The solo heart leaves a smoke-trailed shape of a heart in the sky above your venue - an unforgettably fun and romantic moment.

Our professionally-prepared display has been described as smooth, elegant and entertaining bringing the power and grace of precision aerobatic flight to your event. Depending on your wishes, we can also provide a bespoke commentary from a professional airshow commentator. The audience is certain to be entertained by our commentators’ sense of humour and in-depth knowledge.

The display ‘packages’ we offer are as follows:

  1. The Solo Heart – a low-cost option for a wedding or party.
  2. The Solo Display – our 5-minute exhibition with airshow smoke.
  3. The Solo Display with bespoke commentary.
  4. The ‘Wedding Special’ – the Solo Display with bespoke commentary and the opportunity for both the bride and groom to return to experience an aerobatic training flight and try some of the manoeuvres shown on their special day.

Beech 18
For those who love the distinctive rumble of a radial engine or wish to enjoy the distinctive twin-engine, twin-finned profile of the classic period twin, we will entertain you with a smooth but surprisingly energetic display from the gleaming silver Beech 18.


Tiger Moth
In the words of legendary pilot and acclaimed author Neil Williams “unfortunate is the man who has not stopped to watch a tiny silver biplane… the sun glints and sparkles on the wings and cowlings as the aircraft loops and rolls with easy grace”.  Witness for yourself this classic biplane grace with Finest Hour’s Tiger Moth display, where the aerobatics are followed by some close-in slow flypasts, allowing you get up close and personal  with this iconic machine as the pilot returns your waves from his open cockpit.

Tiger Moth Display

The display can be provided at weddings, birthdays, funerals, educational and corporate events – indeed any outdoor event – in addition to airshows, but we need at least 6 weeks’ notice of off-airfield, non- airshow functions in order to gain the necessary permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority.

All aircraft in the Finest Hour Fleet are available for bespoke displays.

The cost will depend on the distance of the event from our Oxfordshire and Berkshire bases so please contact us for a quote.

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